Sunflower Land Trust, Inc.

A unique Kansas land trust.


Tax Benefits:

Many land conservation tools offer a tax deduction for those qualifying under the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code. For example, a conservation easement in an urbanizing landscape might hold a high tax advantage.  In a rural area the tax benefit may be less but the values can fluxate depending upon the availability of mineral rights, hunting rights, wind generation potential, and other attributes that may be assigned to the property.  

A good conservation easement may offer tax benefits to the seller or the buyer, may help to resell the land to provide for land protection and can even provide peace of mind to owners who ponder the impacts on their family upon their demise.

Some landowners may wish to donate their land at the end of their life but want to ensure it will remain in good standing as an agricultural parcel or conservation property for the community to enjoy.  Others may wish to bargain sell the land through the land trust so they can receive an income stream for the property while at the same time allowing a charitable organization to capitalize from the fair market value of the land as a way to support the organization in addition to adding protection to the land.

Reducing or avoiding capital gains taxes, lowering estate taxes, providing an income stream during the donor’s lifetime while still retaining ownership during their lifetime are some of the many reasons landowners seek out the Sunflower Land Trust, Inc..


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