Sunflower Land Trust, Inc.

A unique Kansas land trust.


Land Protection Options:

Land Trusts can offer a wide variety of land protection measures. Conservation easements are the standard way of land protection. In many cases the easement is constructed in a manner to protect the natural aspects of the property.  In other cases it may be designed to preserve visual aspects of the land.  Once the landowner conveys to the Sunflower Land Trust their individual needs and desires our personnel can help craft a tool which will serve both the landowners needs as well as protect the natural characteristics of the land.  

The conservation tool bag is large.  No development, limited development, cluster development, stream protection, wetland conservation, wildlife habitat protection and vista preservation tools are some the land protection measures an owner enjoys when working with the Sunflower Land Trust.  

Feel free to contact us if you need a more detailed explanation of various land protection measures.


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