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Conservation Sales:

Rural lands are often sold as one or more parcel at the same sale.  This may or may not give the sellers what they may desire with respect to the sale of their land.  In addition larger parcels can be divided and sold in such a fashion as to protect the privacy of the new owners giving them optimum view from their new homesteads.  How the property is sold, how it is subdivided and where the future home sites are to be located can all be established before the property is listed for sale.  These practices are all considerations to someone trying to protect  the conservation aspects of their property. 

The Conservation Sales approach may make the land more attractive to sellers desiring to preserve the integrity of the property and to sellers seeking to maximize their privacy as they build on their new land holdings. If you have land with unique natural features or want to maximize your conservation sales potential of a parcel, call the Sunflower Land Trust and we will be able to assist you in your endeavor.


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